Woman with Chickens
Oil on Canvas Board - 16" x 24" - Copyright 2010


This was a fun job. The client provided a beautifully designed old photo (all I had to do was remove a few strangely positioned chickens that didn't quite make sense, visually), but wanted to see a painting in full color. Well, I know about as much about farms and chickens as I do about brain surgery (OK, I probably know more about brain surgery), but I thought that perhaps a generally "Rosy Light" throughout the picture would be emotionally appropriate (looking at the past, as we all do, through "rose-colored glasses"), visually pleasing, and cleverly disguise the fact that I don't have the first clue about what colors you actually see on a farm.

I think the client and I were both happy with the result (please note how the subtle manipulation of the values directs your attention to the woman). This painting actually took 2 weeks to complete, but I was under an unchangable deadline (they weren't going to postpone the wedding just so I could finish the bride's present to the groom) and working quite a bit harder than I really want to; this is more properly a 3-week project. For more complicated projects like this, I often do a 10" x 7" full-color sketch to make sure I know what the painting wants to be (or what it doesn't want to be); I gave away the sketch for this picture before photographing it, but you can get an idea of what I'll provide to you for approval from this sketch I did for The Blue and the Red.

A similar project can be seen here.

Approximate Price:

16" x 24" - US$ 2500
20" x 30" - US$ 4000

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